3 Morning plants rituals to empower your weekend!!

The key to flourishing houseplants all the year round is maintaining a Plant Care Routine. Caring for plants is therapeutic and a healing for our soul too. By spending few minutes with plants and connecting with them, you can experience the silence to the chatter in the mind. When performed on a fresh Saturday morning, this plant care ritual can undoubtedly lifts the mood and make you feel energized for whole day. Saturday mornings are the best time to tend your plants as the weekend is new and you don’t feel rushed to work. It’s really refreshing and a perfect habit to be maintained without giving up.

We are here with 3 Saturday morning plants rituals for a peaceful and relaxed start of the day.

Enjoy a warm morning tonic near your plant pals, looking the sunshine and greenery!!

  • Taking a refreshing morning tonic around those adorable plants and greenery makes one feel more energised and alert.

Scan your collection and be grateful!!

  • Gratefulness is essential ritual that enhances positivity in one’s life. While scanning your plants collection, think about what you’re thankful for. Every small thing is noticeable for being thankful. Whether it’s your plant getting new leaf or a bloom, have a deep sense of appreciation for your plants. As honouring your plants is like honouring your soul.

Identify on who needs what!!

  • Time to examine and assess overall issues with each plant. Being a houseplant parent don’t forget to demonstrate your love for plants by caring for them as, watching them thriving well has its own distressing benefits. You can also murmur encouragement to some unfurling new leaves. This may also enhance your attentiveness towards the need of other living things.
  • Check which plant needs to be shifted to sunlight and which pot is to be rotated. Wipe down the plant leaves that are dusty (though not succulents). Also, check if the plant is overgrowing and needs to be transplanted to a larger container. Do identify the watering needs of each plant by checking the soil.

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