What is your plant Parent Personality type?

Yes, plant parenting personality is a concept. If you want to be a plant parent, let’s find out a plant to your lifestyle.

Urban Harvester parent

  • You had realized that you can grow your own food and love to practice this. Seeing the whole cycle of how a seed comes to life and turns to something you can harvest is the experience that excites you the most. This also makes you even more connected to the nature as well as the food you prepare. You love having a deep connection with the food you eat by watching it grow and find gardening to be the most relaxing and satisfying hobby.
  • Growing your own herbs and veggies require 6-8 hours direct sunlight,  so you’ll need some windows with partial or full sunlight, an unobstructed balcony/porch/lawn or some grow lights to get the best harvest. Also, you need to be super active throughout the growing season for getting a healthy herbs/ vegies for your harvest.
  • Suggested plants for you-find some regional herbs and vegies and their growing seasons. Some favourites are Dwarf tomato, mint, Fenugreek and coriander.

Small scale parenting

You love having your plants in your home but something as “Low key”, relaxed and simple, also got the budgeting on your mind. Simple low maintenance popular plants are great choice for your spaces. Try some most popular and common houseplants that are readily available across plant stores. Try adding a money tree, Lucky Bamboo or a jade plant in your home to bring good luck and financial success. They are easiest houseplants to grow and looks gorgeous anywhere you put them. Also, they are pet friendly.

Provide bright, indirect light and water the plant when the top 1″ of the soil is dry.

Curious collector

Always in search of exotic, most sought after, photo ready plant. No plant is too rare or too weird for you to try for it! You are always curious and constantly  trying for new watering techniques, new soil medium, pots and  different species of plants to see which one suits best in your home. You love to bring new plant varieties to your home and are extremely proud of your unique collection.

Curious collector and small space dweller? – Owing to the fact that you are a super curious plant collector parent, aren’t you tight on space sometimes? English Ivy plant is a great choice since you can hang it up by your window where it can get partial to full shade. One of the best air- purifying plant and a must have if you want natural room purifier as it removes toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, toulene, and xylene.

Home Designer

  • You just like the way your plants look at your space. Always in search of plant decorative ideas with your plants. Through it you breathe your environment or make your cosy corners more breathable. You love adding live plants for bringing liveliness to your spaces and without a doubt, these interiors are highly stylish, elegant and really bold.
  • For the plant parent personality that’s in search of new and inspiring ideas for decoration with their plants, you can try some cool plant shelf ideas and can use a combination of stunning plants like Calathea Orbifolia, peace lily, Aglaonema red lipstick plant and Nerve plant. These are most popular and eye-catching houseplants with brightly spotted leaves. Provide them with bright or medium-light and keep the soil slightly moist. Water when the top ¼ to ½ inch of soil is completely dry. Lastly, don’t forget to increase the humidity.

Fond of Traveling Parent

You have always been a traveller and planning for a vacation you had been saving for past few months, but, wait! What about your plants? You certainly not want to become a plant killer! Every plant parent suffers from the same perilous thoughts of their plants dying at the thought of staying out of home for more than a couple of weeks.

ZZ plant is not only perfect for traveling plant parent, but also for the forgetful plant owner. It’s a tough draught tolerant houseplant that basically thrives off neglect. It can survive well in occasional watering and low light areas of your home. You can water it once every 2 weeks and it will live well. However, it is recommend that you place it under bright, indirect light and water only when the 2”soil is totally dry.

Newbie parent

If you are a beginner or new plant parent who is unsure of plant parent personality type, then add a Philodendron. It’s a forgiving, low-light tolerant, and low-maintenance plant. Additionally, it can tolerate all kinds of neglect or unsuitable growing conditions, except for wet soil since it can lead to root rot. You can place it under shade with bright light or also, under grow light or artificial light. The plant can tolerate low light conditions quite well. Water your Philodendron when the top 2” of the soil is dry.

Reflective / Thoughtful parent

You have a profound connection with your plants. No matter how you embrace plants into your lifestyle, you love to interact with them on a daily basis because they bring you joy and relaxation.
Your plants are able to sense your vibrations and this helps them to thrive well.

Be careful as you love caring for plants and you are prone to overwater them.

We recommend you to try any type of moisture loving plant for your spaces and it will be your loyal friend. You can go for Boston fern and Calathea Makoyana- Peacock plant as they love getting misted on daily basis within reason!

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